Falling Down

So I’ve been trying to improve my fitness and have gone out on early morning walks 6am, 6.15 or 7am ish. Two mornings running I’ve fallen down and have quite a few bruises to show for it. Each time, I’ve been mortified however got straight back up and limped on embarrassed and aching.

I’m sharing this as it reminded me of the need to get back up again. There are times in life when we do fall, and it hurts - when we hit an uneven paving stone and can’t stop. We look around hoping for support or to check no-one has seen us, and realise we have a choice. We can stay down or we can pick ourselves up, check where the pain is, whether it needs attention and keep going.

My bruises will go, my aches will subside and I will keep walking, however maybe I’ll be a lot more aware of the possible hazards that can trip me up from now on. I can’t say I won’t fall again though!!! It’s the manner in which I get up that matters more...