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Children and Young People

Research evidence shows a link between untreated problems in children and young people and an increased likelihood of problems in adult life. We believe that with early intervention problems can be prevented from developing and persisting into adulthood. We offer support to children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 years. Our qualified counsellors have experience in counselling and therapeutic play techniques to work with young people from many different backgrounds and cultures with a wide range of personal issues. This support is provided in an environment which is safe and supportive, where feelings can be expressed through talking, creative work and therapeutic play.

Whilst observing appropriate professional and statutory boundaries, interactions are kept safe and usually directed by the young person. Counsellors do not allow others to intrude or be included, without the child's permission. This child-centred approach ensures that as we engage with their issues to generate understanding, solutions, coping techniques and management strategies the young person is able to freely express themselves. Often, outcomes focus on improving self-esteem, maximising resilience and encouraging a sense of personal autonomy. Many of the issues highlighted above are brought to counselling with children and young people too.

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