As autumn draws to a close I’m reminded how important it is to work on letting things go. 

Whether that be a difficult relationship, painful things in our past or stress/frustration and anxiety in our everyday lives.

Whilst this is a challenge and sometimes we need to go through this process repeatedly, it can improve life greatly and leave room for repair and new growth.  


Just as the leaves need to fall from the trees, in our lives we need to make decisions about what we keep hold of and ask ourselves:

Is this something I can do anything about? If not, focus our attention on those things we can change and make a decision to let those things we can’t go. 

I’m not saying it’s easy, however having and keeping a tight grip on the past will prevent you from moving into the next season of your life.


Trust yourself to make the right decision

Feel the freedom and energy that you gain from release 

Practice daily, hourly, sometimes every minute and let go...


Take some time to reflect on what you are actually attached to, be prepared to do some work on this - it may take a lot of time or help from professionals, but the healing that will come can be transformative.