Coping With Suicide

Watching Zoe Ball’s documentary on Wednesday evening - ‘Hardest Road Home’ - was a very moving experience. She was raising money for Sport Relief and was doing a bike ride from Blackpool to Brighton in memory of her partner Billy who took his own life.

It was a strong reminder that we can never really know what people are going through.  She was aware of his depression and the struggles he had.  

The programme specifically focussed on men’s mental health and how men can find it difficult to talk, to reach out for help and support.

Zoe’s openness and the openness of those she spoke to was moving and heartfelt.

Suicide is unbearable for those left behind, often asking ‘Why?’ - a question which is so hard to answer. There is so much confusion, frustration and despair.  

I’ve found the most important thing is to listen, without judgement and be available to hear the ‘Why?’ over and over again.  

For those struggling with mental health issues or those coping after suicide - don’t suffer alone... reach out and let someone be there - who could that be for you?

For information on our services, please get in touch.  Oonagh