Coping with 'The Beast from the East'.

So, snow is falling all around us – reminds me of that Christmas song and yet this is the first day of March, therefore, the first day of Spring.  There are some things in our lives that we can control and other things that we can’t – today’s weather being one of them!



How do we adjust?  I’ve struggled to accept not making a big effort to get into work today, see my clients, rather than offer them telephone sessions.  However, I have had to accept that there is nothing I can do about it.  The weather advice, highways agency advice is not to travel unless absolutely essential.

I can adapt, I have my laptop on, phones diverted to my mobile for messages and Facebook is up and running alerting people to the fact that the main office is not open.  Yet, this feels so strange, odd and I feel ill at ease. 


It’s easy to understand how so many people do struggle when they don’t have control of situations.  How people feel ‘it’s wrong’ not to be doing what is expected and YET, this is a good YET, recognising and accepting change/alternative choices may not come easy, however, it is right.  I know my family are relieved that I haven’t done my usual and pressed on against all odds….

Is this the same for you? 

What are the things you struggle to ‘let be…?’

Accept and adapt – my words for the ‘Beast from the East’