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Narrative Practice Introduction 1 – An Introduction to Externalising Practices (Laura Sanger)

Trainer: Dr Laura Sanger, Clinical Psychologist & Narrative Therapist

This workshop will offer an introduction to the philosophical position of narrative therapy, and the practice of externalising the problem. 

The workshop will include presentation, discussion, pair-work and the option of some artistic creation. The tradition of narrative therapy is for practioners to do pair work with material from your own life, rather than using role play which represents someone else’s story. This also gives you an ‘inside out’ view of how this practice can work. 

The workshop will include: 

• The narrative metaphor
• Post-structuralism (in brief) 
• Location of the problem
• Language and discourse
• Characterising the problem
• Interviewing the problem
• Interviewing the externalised other
• Externalising metaphors 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned about the narrative approach and the practice of externalisation and will have had experience using externalising practices on a problem or challenge of their own. 

Limited number of places available, early booking advised. 

Light refreshments provided throughout the day – bring your own lunch.

To book email Catherine at or follow the instructions below:

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